List of PACU Member Schools

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Membership in the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities (PACU) is open to private higher educational institutions (HEIs) with programs and missions consistent with the purposes of PACU. PACU aims to contribute to nation-building through transformative private higher education in a deregulated environment imbued with a global perspective and anchored on social responsibility and mutual cooperation.

Other membership criteria involving the integrity of the potential member school, the reputation of the higher educational institution, and the willingness of the potential member school to support the programs and projects of PACU must be met. Private HEIs applying for membership to PACU also must meet the following requirements:

  1. It must be a college or university of good and reputable standing duly recognized by the government which has graduated at least three (3) batches of college or university degree program holders;
  2. It must have a combined enrolment (basic to tertiary) of at least 2,000 students with a tertiary enrolment of at least 1,000 students;
  3. It must secure an endorsement from a bona fide PACU member school

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