xPACU Prayer


God, Our Heavenly and Loving Father, we the officers and members of the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities, humbly pray before You in worship, love, thanksgiving,  and hope. We offer our prayers for our country, our families, our students, our schools and for all those in need of our prayers. Kindly listen with Your mercy and love to our humble petitions.


Leader: “Let our response be: “Lord, hear our prayer.”


L: For our officers and leaders who, with great sacrifice, hard work, and visionary foresight ,  have guided us through the years of grace-filled and efficient educational pursuits and accomplishments, let us pray to the Lord.

L: For our present leaders, so that they may continue to follow the great examples and loving concern of  their predecessors in making PACU an agent of change and renewal in our beloved country, let us pray to the Lord.

L: For our Colleges and Universities, spread throughout our beautiful country, so that, helped by your graceful blessings, they will be true centers of excellence in the arts, sciences, technology and morality, let us pray to the Lord.

L: For all of us present here, so that as we communally and democratically try to solve our problems and initiate programs, in order to bring peace, justice and progress to our beloved country, we may always be guided by love and concern for our neighbors, let us pray to the Lord.


Let us pray together:

Thank You, Lord, for listening to our prayer. We know that You will continue to bless PACU: its officers, member schools and the thousands of faculty members and students who are part of our PACU family. Guide us so that we may become worthy of Your trust and love and, thus, become true agents of change, renewal and innovation for the good and the future of our country in our global society. We ask You all these, through our Lord. Amen.



Lovingly and nostalgically prepared by Fr. Rolando S. Dela Goza, CM

October 20, 2007